martes, 23 de octubre de 2012

Shakespeare's Life

Shakespeare's Life
Answer the questions  using the links .  You will then prepare a lesson to share what you have learned with the class.
  1. When and where was Shakespeare born?
  2. Describe his upbringing and education.
  3. What were the four types of plays he wrote?
  4. Where were his plays performed and by whom?
  5. Besides writing plays, what other skills made Shakespeare a "jack of all trades?"
  6. When and where did Shakespeare die?
  7. Why do we still read his works today? (Hint: think of theme)
  8. Find several famous quotations that originated in Shakespeare's works. Mention the works from which they come.

More on Shakespeare's Life
Literary Terms Relating to Shakespeare

Define and give an example of each.
  • sonnet (Elizabethan)
  • iambic pentameter
  • blank verse
  • soliloquy
  • foreshadowing
  • apostrophe
  • oxymoron
  • hyperbole
  • irony (dramatic)
  • irony (verbal)
  • allusion
  • motif
  • pun
  • personification
  • couplet