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derecha right
izquierda left
Perdón. ¿Dónde está el banco? Excuse me. Where's the bank?
Estoy buscando la oficina de turismo. I'm looking for the tourist office.
¿Está lejos? Is it far?
Me he perdido. I am lost. / I have lost my way.
¿Me podría decir por dónde se va al banco? Could tell me the way to the bank?
un mapa a road map
un plano a street map
¿Me lo puede mostrar en el plano/mapa? Can you show me on the map?
¿Hay un restaurante cerca de aquí? Is there a restaurant near here?
¿Voy bien por aquí para el centro? Is this the right way to the centre?
¿Por dónde se va a la casa de Ana? How do I get to Anne's house?
¿El banco queda lejos? Is the bank far?
Siga todo recto. Go straight on
Doble/Gire a la izquierda Turn left/right
Gire/Doble a la izquierda al salir de la Calle Mayor. Turn left/right out of Calle Mayor.
Doble la esquina. Turn the corner.
Dé la vuelta. Turn around.
Cruce la calle. Cross the road
Está a la izquierda. It's on the left
El colegio está a mano izquierda. The school is on the left-hand side.
Está en la calle Gran vía, esquina (a) Reyes Católicos It's on the corner of Gran Vía and Reyes Católicos
Está en la acera de enfrente. It's on the other side of the street
Está al final de la calle. It's at the end of the road.
Está a 100 metros de aquí. It's 100 metres away.
a unos diez minutos andando about 10 minutes on foot
Coja la próxima a la izquierda. Take the next left.
Coja la segunda a la derecha. Take the second road / turning on the right
la calle street/road
el callejón alley
una calle lateral side street
la acera pavement / sidewalk
una autovía dual carriageway / divided highway
una autopista motorway / highway
el carril lane
cambiar de carril to change lanes
el carril izquierdo left-hand lane
la salida exit

Asking and Giving Directions

Giving directions - Vocabulary

In the street

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"Give A Little Bit"

Give a little bit
Give a little bit of your love to me
Give a little bit
I'll give a little bit of my love to you
There's so much that we need to share
Send a smile and show you care

I'll give a little bit
I'll give a little bit of my love to you
So give a little bit
Give a little bit of your time to me
See the man with the lonely eyes
Take his hand, you'll be surprised

Give a little bit
Give a little bit of your love to me
I'll give a little bit of my love for you
Now's the time that we need to share
So find yourself, we're on our way back home

Going home
Don't you need to feel at home?
Oh yeah, we gotta sing




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"Sherlock Holmes" :

Cinema :
  • "Sherlock Holmes" :
    • Sherlock Holmes (2009)  - Director : Guy Ritchie
      "Detective Sherlock Holmes and his stalwart partner Watson engage in a battle of wits and brawn with a nemesis whose plot is a threat to all of England."
    • Watch the trailer.
    • Sherlock Holmes (2009 film)
      " The film is set in 1891 and revolves around Holmes ... and Watson ... stopping a conspiracy to destroy Britain.
      The film opens with Holmes apprehending the murderous cult leader Lord Blackwood ..., who promises he will return from the dead and exact his revenge as he is being led to the gallows."

    • Sherlock Holmes: Guy Ritchie turns story into Hollywood action film - an article




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ACTIVITY Nº 1    Gregg routines

As a schoolboy, Greg has a busy day. Look at his daily routine and then write full sentences describing his normal day. Use the verbs below and DON'T forget the 3rd person S in the verbs.

have, go, start, have, play, wake up, do, go back, go 07:00 - every morning:
07:30 - breakfast:
07:45 - to school:
08.00 - lessons:
11.15 - Physical Education:
16.00 - home:
17.00 - video games with Rowley:
20.00 - dinner with his family:
21.00 - to bed: